Creator Independence Campaign

Celebrate 75th Independence Day by paying respect the the brave Indian Army soldiers, through your value-driven content

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About the campaign

On the 75th Independence Day, Cosmofeed is initiating the Creator Independence Campaign to salute unwavering courage and bravery exhibited by the Indian Armed Forces.

Our platform empowers creators to break free of financial, social, and psychological constraints regardless of the creative field they belong.

Comsofeed will donate all the funds this campaign raises to the Indian Army. 

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How to participate?

Follow these 3 steps to create content and participate!

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Go to Cosmofeed App, click on 'Create' button, select 'Lock for a cause' option and get started!

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Select Contribution Percentage

Your contribution will be decided as per the percentage you decide!

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Share it with friends and on social media

Share the message widely so that you earn more as a creator, and contribute more for the cause!

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No. Your group members do not have to download Cosmofeed app.

What else can I do on Cosmofeed?

Cosmofeed is a platform for creators to build, manage, and monetize their communities!

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