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Do you already own a Telegram channel or group with audience? You can easily turn that into a powerful paid subscription channel. The best part? It’s FREE!

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How it works?

3 Steps to monetise your Telegram

Auto-renewal system for your members

- No more Excel or Google sheets
- Our auto-renewal system ensures that only those who have paid, stay in the channel
- Modify these settings anytime

Start Automation

Offer various prices and subscription plans

- One-time payment feature
- Recurring subscription plans feature
- Limitless customisation with Cosmofeed

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it take to connect my Telegram group?

It takes less than one minute to integrate your Telegram group.

How will the members be added or removed?

Your community members will be automatically added to the group once the payment is successful. The members will be automatically removed once the subscription ends.

Is it mandatory that my members download the Cosmofeed app?

No. Your group members do not have to download Cosmofeed app.

What else can I do on Cosmofeed?

Cosmofeed is a platform for creators to build, manage, and monetize their communities!

With Cosmofeed, you can automate your tasks, manage your community of followers effectively, and collect payments in a seamless manner.

🤝 Create Free or Paid Channels
🎟 Host Workshops and Events
📚 Launch and Sell Courses
💵 Collect Payments and Withdraw Instantly
🔐 Sell Premium Content with Locked Message Features

Can I change the plans or pricing at any time?

Yes, you can edit the pricing of any plan at any time.

Does this integration effect my channel or group in anyway?

No, your channel or group will remain as it is. You simply need to add 'Cosmofeed bot' to your channel or group and your payment collection will be automated.

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