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Access to LWS Indicators for 1 month • Course Contents • Introduction to System Based Trading - Intraday and Swing • Trading Psychology • In depth orientation session on understanding and application of LWS Indicators System • Basics of Price Action • Candlestick Analvsis • Demand and Supply Analysis • Instrument Analysis • Multi Time Frame Analvsis • Futures and Options Trading + Greeks • Commodities Trading - Crude and Natural Gas • Index Trading • Scalping • Risk Management • Index Component Analysis
What you get with access:📺 Access to this exclusive course based on the plan validity you purchase.🛎 Updates on new lesson uploads and changes.🚀 Expert Mentorship🎁 Offers on new products and services✨ Complementary learning group membership Access to Telegram channel for queries and discussions.
23 Lessons in this offering: HOG-Session 1 1-1-23 HOG-Session 2 8-1-23 HOG 3 15-1-23 HOG 4 21-1-23 HOG 5 22-1-23 HOG 6 5-2-23 HOG QnA 1 12-2-23 HOGPR QnA 25-2-23 HOGPR QNA 4-3-23 HOGPR QNA 11-3-23 HOGPR QNA 11-3-23 HOGPR QNA 26-3-23 HOGPR QNA 2-4-23 HOGPR QNA 30-4-23 Orientation Session 28-5-23 HOGPR QNA 04-06-23 HOGPR QNA 11-06-23 HOGPR QNA 02-07-23 HOGPR QNA 16-7-23 HOGPR QNA 23-7-23 HOGPR QNA 6-8-23 HOGPR QNA 13-8-23 HOGPR QNA 20-8-23
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